Spanish students in Hamburg School of Watchmaking

We had packed everything to go to Hamburg. Suddenly we received a WhatsApp message in a new group called Erasmus Hamburg Deutsch saying that some German students from the Watchmaking course were going to pick us up from the airport. Since then, everything has been wonderful.


Our colleagues have taken care of us in the class but also in their free time. They have organized excursions to show us the city, visit museums, etc. The city of Hamburg is well worth a detailed visit. It is a nice city.

The teachers provided us with a very warm welcome meeting and they have always been there to guide and help us in the project that has been proposed for us.

Our assignment was very much fun. We were given a ship clock with a most remarkable chiming mechanism: one based on guard shifts instead of hours. We were also explained how the mechanism works, and then a piece (the rack) was removed. Our job was to make a new adjustable one. After this we had to make the support pillars to fit the clock in a glass dome. We also had to adapt some new hands.

We have been pleasantly surprised with the school equipment and tools. More interesting is to see how the other students take care of the tools and everything in the class. The result is clear: everything is at its place and works fine.

We have learned a lot of things on this foreign stay and we feel some kind of admiration of how the BS19 delivers watchmaking education.

We feel the need to give thanks to the watchmakers, our German classmates and the school itself for the opportunity to be here these days.