Ship clocks with french exchange students

On the 04th of April (2024) we, the BFU3, welcomed four french exchange students from Morteau. Throughout their stay with us over the next three weeks we would all be working on the same project: a ship clock (german: Glasenuhr).

This specific clock has a rather unusual striking rhythm and therefore a slightly more complicated striking mechanism than your run-of-the-mill pendulum clock. Our tasks were three-fold: Manufacture a certain piece of the striking mechanism, the rack, without impacting the functionality of the clock, craft hand bushings to connect the hands to the arbour, and - last but definitely not least time-consuming - make and adjust three brass pillars to carry the clock and fit the display stand we were given. An optional task, after these were done, was to modify and affix a dial (for examples of how these clocks turned out see below).

Working with the exchange students was a fun but challenging experience due to the language barrier. But in general, it wasn't too different from normal lessons, probably because they had quite a few years of experience on us. All that was left was to show them where we keep our tools, how to operate our machines (safely!) and let them have at it. And at it they had! Of the six finished clocks in the attached pictures, four are those of our foreign friends. Showing that not only did they make quick work of it (if you want to consider three weeks quick) but they also made rather elegant work of it.

Now (the 19th of April, same year) it is time to say "Au revoir!" and "Auf Wiedersehen!", both of which express the wish of a reconnection somewhere down the line. Next time, perhaps, even in Morteau.